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Welcome to ‘Delhi High,’ Delhi’s most prestigious college. The rich, hip, and notorious students of this college, known as India’s “Party College,” thrive on the never-ending drama and petty gossip that surrounds their day-to-day lives. We follow the lives of five millennials — Araina, Nitasha, Ritika, Shaurya, and Saahil – until each of their lives are intertwined by an unforeseen twist. When a student called Suzana is murdered in a bizarre manner, things at ‘Delhi High’ get even more interesting, weirder, and frightening. Suzana was assassinated. Is it possible that one of the five students was involved in her murder? Above all, who’s next on the list of assassins? ‘Delhi Khabbar’ is a high-octane, high-octane, high-octane, high-octane, high-octane, high-

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